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David "Mosky" Moskowitz

Mosky Reviews The New Movie "White Boy Rick."

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“White Boy Rick,” based on the true story of year old 14 teenager who is recruited by FBI in 1980 Detroit to infiltrate a drug ring. He then gets sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for possession of a large amount of cocaine.

In this film, the FBI comes accross as totally unethical, but then, in real life, nothing much has changed about the FBI since 1980.

Even worse, Hollywood today is even clueless than even the Government at telling a compelling story. Recreating this larger than-life REAL LIFE story just doesn’t work: Real life is often much stranger than fiction but no where near as strange as Hollywood film making today.

"White Boy Rick" stars Matthew McConaughey and newbie Richie Merritt, who was cast after a two-year nationwide search. Wiith ZERO acting experience, Merritt plays the real life Rick Wershe Jr., whose claim to infamy is his being the longest person ever incarcerated for a non-violent offense. He he recently got paroled after 29 years in prison. According to McConaughey at a screening I attended, the real white boy Rick but has not seen the film, which probably is a good thing.

The problem with "White Boy Rick," the movie, is this: You never knew where the film is going. The main character has no character to speak of. Merritt's performance is flat and virtually emotionaless. But then, not everyone actor can act, nor every director direct.

"White Boy Rick" will keep you waiting for the “Ta Da" moment, when the 17-year-old acts like a seasoned drug kingpin. B just never happens.

“White Boy Rick, moves along slower than a real life sloth on some chemical depressent. Plus the editing is weak. The film was cut to 90 minutes from its original two hour running time and you can make a good case that it should have been cut to 30 minutes.

The film REALLY doesn’t start making any sense until the third act when FBI agents ask Rick, this time with his father’s (McConaughey’s) approval, to do another sting operation. This one tied to the Detroit Mayor at the time. You can blame the film's mediocrity all on newcomer French TV director, Yann Demange, and screenwriters Andy Weiss, Logan Miller and Noah Miller. It's doubtful, they would never make it thru the USC film school if they could even get in.

If there’s any redeeming quality to "White Boy Rick", it’s that the film is reflective of how drastic prison sentences were in the 80's for drug possession. The funky 1980'a soundtrack is pretty cool but overall, "White Boy Rick" is just another mediocre movie from a clueless gaggle of bad story tellers lost in the rain in Juarez as Bob Dylan would put it.

I give "White Boy Rick" two Mosky's and this advice: Save your money and go see something else.


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